Snapdragon Frame

Cadillac of Rug Hooking Frames. This fine handcrafted frame gives you the leverage you need to achieve a tight hooking surface using only finger or hand strength. It will, with a "snap" of the paddles, stretch your rug backing tight and hold it that way until you release the tension and remove the fabric. The patented self-locking cam-activated system for stretching rug backing is simple and quick to operate, offering an ideal solution for rugcrafters with little hand strength, allowing them to both pull the backing fabric tight and create even loop heights. The 17" x 14 ½” frame leaves 13 ½” x 11” working area. Made primarily of poplar with either cherry or walnut accents. The woods are hand sanded and finished with several coats of clear lacquer to bring out the natural beauty and character of the wood. The legs are made of lightweight but strong aluminum strapping. Use with the Crowsfoot titling sit on. Because of the release action, this frame is ideal for punch hooking. For more information go to